Approved by order

 №F-1/24, January, 16, 2024


on purchasing tickets to participants of the MOVE events

This document is an official invitation of Move Forum Events LLC (License №1238590, DCCI №486937) represented by its CEO Piskulin Ilia, from whom any legal entity and individual with professional occupation in development who has a desire to take part in the Move event, can purchasing tickets and sponsorship package for companies.

1.1. Offer – this invitation for an offer on purchasing  tickets and sponsorship package to companies to take part in the Move events that are helding by the Promoter and Co-organizer. Offer contains conditions of the certain Event published by the Promoter on the Website (the essential also printed on the Ticket of the Event). Promoters decide independently  the conditions of  implementation of certain Events include requirements for participants according to which tickets will be purchased. Offer contains information on the tax system of the Promoter with the indication of VAT. Co-organizer has the right to broadcast the terms of the Promoter of the current Offer.
It’s published on the web-site:
1.2. Promoter - a legal entity (Russian resident and/or resident of the country of the Event), staging the Event. According to the Event structure and basing on the confirmation of accession Promoter can engage third-party organizations as Co-organizers to moderate sessions, workshops, branches and other forms of the Event activities that must be published in the Offer of the certain Event.
1.2 Event - an event throwing by the Promoter “International Real Estate Summit, holding in Dubai, UAE, March 01-02, 2024 that can be attended upon presenting a Ticket for legal entity and individuals with professional occupation in development in order to create conditions for participants of the Event to make new communication links, improving existing relationship, to make conferences and congresses with educational sections, to exchange of progressive experience, to foster a dialogue among different sets of actors in development, to help in setting the progressive agenda, creative, industrial/technological, scientific, academical, social and other initiatives, innovation technologies support, and other positive initiatives in development and real estate management. Detailed information about the Event is available on the Website.
1.3 Event Program - a consecutive list of program of certain s Event, set up by the Promoter in time sequence for each and all Event Venues. The Event Program has editorial offices:
1.3.1. A preliminary Event Program - an announcing Event Program from the date of announcement of the Event date by the Promoter till the date of announcement of the Event Program;
1.3.2. Programme of the Event - Event Program that is announced by the Promoter no later than 3 (three) calendar days before the Event date.
The Promoter independently sets the rules of disclosure and announcement of the certain Event Program. Terms of disclosure are set up by the Promoter in Offer and/or at the Website
1.4 Co-organizer - a legal entity that settles a contract with the Promoter to participate in the Event as a Co-organizer or set certain sessions, workshops, branches during the certain Event with the Promoter of the Event, including, but not limited to: the implementation of part of Tickets for the Event, what is mentioned in the Offer).
1.5 Purchaser - a professional real estate market participant (a legal entity or an individual with professional occupation in development), who is carrying out professional activities in development and real estate for real, whose qualification has been checked by the Promoter beforehand during the process of tickets’ purchasing.
1.6 Attendee - a representative of the Purchaser who is carried out in the Purchaser’s professional activity in development and real estate, arrived directly to take part in the Event using the Ticket (provided by the Purchaser). Attendee’s participation must be confirmed by the Purchaser immediately before the Event providing the personally identifiable information
1.7 Sponsor - a professional system stakeholder of development and real estate market, carrying out professional activities in development and real estate for real, whose qualification has been checked by the Promoter beforehand, having signed a sponsorship contract on the terms and pursuant to the conditions set out in the Offer outlining specific Event.
1.18 Website  -  information resource that presented as a separate website or page/section of the Promoter/Co-organizer Website located on a software and hardware Promoter’s/Co-organizer’s complex which provides transmission and reception for posting of information materials in the Internet at: , conducive to the provision of the Purchaser about Event, Event’s Program, range of Tickets and Sponsorship packages and scope of its services, process of booking, purchasing, payment, repudiation and using Tickets set down by the Promoter.
1.9 Sponsorship package - a set of Promoter’s services mentioned in the Offer provided by the Promoter in setting up and conducting the Event on an Offer basis.
1.10 Ticket - e-document as a unique code (a barcode or QR code) including the conditions on the rights granted to the Attendee, printed and submitted on paper and other tangible media, confirming the conclusion of the contract between Purchaser and the Promoter, providing the Attendee the right to take part in the Event on an Offer basis for the certain range of Tickets. Ticket certifies the rights of Purchaser and Attendee to attend the Event. Ticket contains all relevant information about the Event, its price and range of services provided by the Ticket. During the process of booking and purchasing Tickets Promoter follows the certain statutory and regulatory requirements. Purchaser can’t put out or sell a Ticket to a third party (does not belong to a Purchaser.
1.11 Ticket category - ticket type, including a certain list of services for the Attendee, providing the Attendee with the right to participate in certain activities, occupy certain seats in the halls and receive other services of the Promoter. The description of the ticket category is provided on the Website and in the Offer.
1.12 Booking - cooperation of Promoter and Purchaser to use the preemptive right to purchase a certain number of Tickets mentioned in Booking, its range and Sponsorship packages for the certain Event pending completion of the Promoter’s Admission of the Purchaser and before the purchasing (conforms with requirements for the Attendee - with professional occupation in development and real estate market). Booking has a due date installed by the Promoter. The fact of Purchaser’s payment of Booking and Sponsorship packages’ value terminates Booking. Late payment of the Booking price means termination of the priority right of purchasing tickets and sponsorship package, that means the expiry of the reservation period.
1.13 Purchase - the fact of payment by Purchaser the Ticket or Sponsorship package’s price.
1.14 Order - a document (in electronic or paper form, with a unique number, containing full details of fully paid Tickets and/or Sponsorship packages, its ranges, about the Attendees.
1.15 Cancellation - Tickets’ or Sponsorship packages removal with automatic release for sale due to the Purchaser’s cancellation from Order part or all the Tickets and/or Sponsorship packages, or in case of Purchaser’s disqualification.
1.16. Face value of the ticket - the price (in currencies of the country of the Event) of the scope of the services provided by the Ticket, due its range.
1.17 Ticket price - Event’s Promoter can set the range of Tickets’ price changes and provide the Promoter with the right to such changes due to the sales conjuncture of the certain Event.
1.18 Dashboard - a type of graphical user interface at Website that contains technical measures to protect user’s personal information consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws. Via Dashboard Purchaser can communicate and interconnect with the Promoter about the Event. Access to the Dashboard is carried out by introduction of the account details, namely Purchaser’s authentication data, only after registration on the website. Login information consists of login and password provided by the Purchaser during the registration. Dashboard provides Purchaser the right of Booking, Purchase, Order, Cancellation and refund of Tickets’ or Sponsorship packages in a way determining the terms of the Offer. Legally significant actions performed by the Purchaser in the Dashboard shall be deemed to be committed using a Purchaser’s simple electronic signature. Purchaser’s authentication data represents such an e-signature key.
1.19 Purchaser and Attendee Ethics - on the basis of the Offer Promoters with openness and honesty publicly declaring that Events is not devoted to a wide range of actors, is to be conducted to Purchaser’s Attendees who carry out its professional activity in development and real estate market. The purpose of the Events is to create a unique interactive platform to improve business environment, for dialogue, exchange of experiences and establish business contacts for the true professionals in development and real estate market.
By purchasing a Ticket, the Purchaser undertakes to adhere to the established rules in this Offer and follow the Attendees specification (carrying out professional activities in development and real estate for real). For the risk and under the property responsibility a Purchaser commits to refrain from Tickets’ distribution to third parties.
In case of entering the Event by third parties (who was provided with the Ticket by a Purchaser or by its Attendee) Promoter can exclude him from Event’s participation and the Purchaser receives a disqualification status.
1.20. Disqualification - the procedure carried out by the Promoter that consists of:
a) exclusion the third party from participation in Event;
b) detection of the Purchaser who purchased the Ticket that had been provided to a third party attending the Event;
c) the whole staff of the Purchaser withdraw the Attendees’ status of the Event and have to be suspended from the Event without any reinstatement (Ticket price);
d) application of a Purchaser's fee.
1.21. Purchaser's fee - payment (in currencies of the country of the Event) equivalent to 500 000 (five hundred thousand) Russian roubles at the Central Bank of Russia rate on the date of payment, that must be paid by the Purchaser for providing the third party with a Ticket, due to his Disqualification. Purchaser's fee is required to remit to the Promoter’s bank account no later than within 3 (three) days after receiving the fee note/invoice to the mentioned banking details.
1.22. Parties – in relation to all together (Promoter, Co-organizer, Purchaser, Attendee) unless the context of the Offer / Promoter’s Offer indicates otherwise.

2.1. This offer on purchasing tickets and sponsorship package for companies shall apply to legal entities with professional occupation in development and real estate market, who have a desire to take part in the Events.
2.2 An individual can take part in the Event only on the basis of the purchased Tickets provided by the Purchaser with professional occupation in development and real estate market, that has a labor or civil relationship with legal entity mentioned above.
2.3 You must purchase a Ticket via Offer or Sponsorship package to gain access to an Event.
2.4 Offer states terms and conditions of booking and purchasing Tickets and Sponsorship packages and due diligence obligations of the Parties.
2.5 Purchasing Tickets can be provided only on the full acknowledgement and acceptance without any provision related to the Offer. Partial acceptance of the Offer and acceptance on any other conditions different from those stated in the present Offer is not allowed. Facts that confirm the conclusion of the contract of purchasing Tickets and/or Sponsorship packages with the Promoter / acceptance of Offer (performing conclusive actions): the use of Promoter’s’ services on the terms proposed in Offer, commission action on access to the Dashboard, Booking, Purchasing.
2.6 Accepted this Offer Purchaser acknowledges and agrees not to put out or sell a Ticket or Sponsorship package to a third party at charge or free of charge basis.
2.7.  We reserve the right to amend or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. When we make any such changes, we shall post the updated version on the Website. Any use by the Purchaser of the Website and/or Services after making such an amendment shall be deemed as the Purchaser’s awareness and acceptance of any amendment of this Offer.

3.1 The subject matter of this Offer is purchasing tickets and sponsorship packages for Events on its own behalf, but at the expense of Promoter, on the terms proposed in Offer, published on the Website and mentioned in the Offer.
3.2 All obligations for the Event arise directly between Purchaser/Attendee and the Promoter on the basis of the Offer. All information , specifying the terms of the Offer, Information about the Event, data and bank account details is published on the Website.

4.1 Purchaser agrees that before the acceptance of the Offer he has familiarized himself with the terms of this Offer, conditions of the certain Event and other mandatory rules, that were also mentioned on the Website, he confirms the acknowledgement and consents in accordance with the procedure.
4.2 In cases where the Purchaser acts as its representative/Attendee, the Purchaser confirms all the actions/inaction are carried out by the Party’s representative  with his knowledge and consent, as well as in the Purchaser’s interests.
4.3 Purchaser accepts the Offer by commission of one of the following independent actions: Booking, forming Orders, Purchasing Tickets and/or Sponsorship packages in accordance with established procedure of the present Offer.
4.4 The Purchaser and its Attendees make the acceptance of the Offer by attending the Event upon presentation of the Ticket.
4.5 The Purchaser’s acceptance of the Offer in the case of Sponsorship packages is making by the payment of Sponsorship packages price.
4.6 By filling in a special form on the Website Purchaser makes a reservation (preliminary order), then a person entitled by the Promoter shall contact the Purchaser using the mentioned contact details for Booking a Ticket/Sponsorship package or the Purchaser independently purchase a Ticket and/or Sponsorship package conducting the Offer basis, indicated on the Website.
4.7 Tickets and Sponsorship package volume commitments indicated on the Website.
4.8 A payment system may charge a commission from the Purchaser according to the rules of the payment system (electronic payment system). The amount of the additional commission charged by banks and payment systems depends on the type of payment and bank selected by the Purchaser.
4.9 The Purchaser's obligation for payment shall be considered fulfilled at the moment of transfer of funds to the current account of the Promoter. However, if the Purchaser has not paid in full within the prescribed period the acceptance is considered canceled, and the acceptance of the Offer has been withdrawn.
4.10 No later than 24 (twenty four) hours after the payment mentioned in the clause 4.9 the Ticket and/or Sponsorship package will be published in the Dashboard or sent on the email, mentioned in the Booking. After such actions Promoter’s obligations shall be treated as fully performed.
4.11 The Purchaser accepts and acknowledges its responsibility for maintaining security of Ticket’s/Sponsorship packages’ data such as links to them or their numbers, QR code or other data, for a data transfer to third parties. Purchaser will not be liable to the Promoter in case of usage of the data mentioned above due to the breach of maintaining security, because after receiving a Ticket/Sponsorship package its storage, copy and reproduction protection are the Purchaser’s responsibility.
In case of any doubt about the authenticity of the Ticket, identifying cases of multiple use Promoter’s employees may prohibit all the people presented such Ticket attending the Event. The Purchaser agrees that it is possible to attend the Event on one ticket only once and only by one Attendee.
4.12 The Purchaser is obliged to print the Ticket independently and at his own expense, save on the mobile or other electronic device or open it by link and show it at the entrance to the Event and/or before the Event if the rules of the Event don’ t provide otherwise.

5.1. Before the full payment of the face value of the Ticket it can’t be transferred to the Purchaser.
5.2 The Purchaser has the right to purchase Ticket/Sponsorship package in any of the ways suggested by the Promoter, about whom there is information on the Website or in the current Offer. The Purchaser agrees that Ticket/Sponsorship package price indicated on the Website or in the Offer, applies above VAT at the rate of 5%.
5.3 The Purchaser is acknowledged to have performed his obligations under the payment of the face value of the Ticket/Sponsorship package at the moment of receipt of funds to the Promoter's bank account.
5.4 Purchaser confirms and agrees that in case of non-payment/partial payment, there are consequences in the form of Cancellation.

6.1 The Promoter has the right to change the Event’s day and at the same time he is obliged to notify the Purchaser of any change of the Event’s date nor less than 45 (forty five) consecutive days before the Event via email mentioned in the Booking and/or posting information in the User's Dashboard. When an Event is canceled Purchaser will be entitled to a refund of the face value of the Ticket on the basis of a written request made no less than 30 (thirty) consecutive days before the new date of the Event (due to the Offer terms). In case of violation of these conditions, clause 3.3. of this Offer shall apply.
6.2 In unilateral extrajudicial procedure Purchaser has the right to refuse to attend the Event. If the Purchaser wants to refuse to fulfill this Offer the Promoter must be expressly notified in writing with the procedure in accordance with the current legislation. It is the Promoter’s duty to provide the Promoter with the information about the refusal to fulfill this Offer.
6.3 When refund Tickets no more than 60 (sixty) consecutive days before the date of the Event, the Purchaser returns 100 (one hundred) percent of the face value of the Ticket.
6.4 When refund Tickets less than 60 (sixty) consecutive days and no less than 45 (forty five) consecutive days before the date of the Event, the Purchaser returns 70 (seventy) percent of the face value of the Ticket.
6.5 When refund Tickets less than 45 (forty five) consecutive days and no less than 30 (forty five) consecutive days before the date of the Event, the Purchaser returns 30 (thirty) percent of the face value of the Ticket.
6.6 When refund Tickets less than 30 (thirty) consecutive days and no less than 30 (forty five) consecutive days before the date of the Event no refund will be given, unless the reason for return is any documentary of temporary incapacity/illness of the Purchaser or its relatives (a family member or a close relative). In such cases the return of the purchased Ticket is carried out in accordance with the rules and terms imposed by the Government of the Russian Federation, and the day of application is considered as a day when the Promoter received it.
6.7. In case of absence of the Purchaser at the Event for reasons beyond the Promoter's reasonable control the face value of the Ticket is not refundable, unless the absence was caused by exceptional circumstances mentioned in the article 6.6 of the Offer. In such circumstances the refund follows according to the conditions specified in the article mentioned above.
6.8. Tickets purchased within the framework of special programs and promotions (which provide special conditions: bonuses, sales for purchasing tickets) may not be accepted for refund as per Promoter’s rules.
6.9. The face value of the Tickets that were sold within the framework of Promoter’s special programs to promote Events without charge or with special low prices, is non-refundable as purchased within the framework of special programs and promotions. Such special offers and bonuses Promoter can announce in special Offer for a certain event.
6.10. If the Promoter decides to refund the Purchaser the money paid for the purchased Ticket, such return shall be made by the Promoter within 30 (thirty) working days from the moment of receipt. Money will be transferred to the bank account from which the payment was made and at the same form, or within the same period reasonably refuse in to return the money to the Purchaser.
6.11. Refunds are made in the amount minus all commissions of payment systems.
6.12. Tickets can be exchanged by the Purchaser if such option is mentioned in the Promoter’s Offer of a certain Event. Tickets exchange is possible only during the periods specified in the Promoter’s Offer in case any Tickets in the range chosen by the Purchaser are available. The Promoter’s Offer can establish an additional charge for the Ticket (price difference between the face value of the Ticket and current ticket price at the Website at the exchange moment. The Promoter’s Offer can establish a Purchaser’s ability to receive an extra payment when the Purchaser exchange the Ticket for a cheaper range, in accordance with the rules and terms imposed in the Offer.
6.13. In case of Disqualification the Ticket price and any additional associated costs and expenses won’t be returned to the Purchaser.
6.14. In case of any reason mentioned in this chapter any direct or indirect losses of the Purchaser are not provided.


7.1. Purchaser has the right to:
7.1.1. independently obtain information from open sources (third sources and the outside world) about the Event, scope of Promoter’s services, independently make a decision on Booking, Purchasing Tickets and/or Sponsorship Packages that must be provided only on the full acknowledgement and acceptance without any provision related to the Offer.

7.2. Purchaser shall:
7.2.1. read and acknowledge all the terms and rules of the Offer, and other rules published on the Website, accept and independently keep track of all amendments on the Website;
7.2.2.  correspond to the qualification, mentioned before Purchasing, at the moment of the Event or provision of Sponsorship Package’s services;
7.2.3. familiarize himself/herself with the limitations of a particular Event regarding admission to it young people (age restrictions, under the age of 18), rules and laws of the country of the certain Event and other conditions mentioned in the Offer and Promoter’s Offer or at their websites. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for the compliance with such terms and regulations and agree that may be denied a visit to the Event if the established restrictions and rules are not met;
7.2.4. using Dashboard don’t provide information about the authentication data (login and password)
to third parties. In case of loss of Authentication data, or the availability of information on access of third parties to Authentication data to inform the Promoter immediately via email: Prior to sending the mentioned notice, all actions performed using the Dashboard shall be deemed to have been performed by the Purchaser;
7.2.5. bear sole responsibility for the information about the company (legal entity or individual) and Attendee, provided by the Purchaser and Attendees to the Promoter, not allow to take the place of the Attendee representative or provide the Promoter with false or misleading information to take part in the Event.
7.2.6. be fully responsible for the equipment being provided by the Promoter/ Co-Organizer during the Event, including but not limited to: headphones for simultaneous interpreting, headphones, microphone. In case of damage or loss of the above property, the Purchase shall indemnify the Promoter such damage, and Purchaser will have the right to present a claim for indemnification to its Attendee (the Purchaser has the right to request appropriate supporting documents from the Promoter/ Co-Organizer, if necessary). All claims for the Purchaser/Attendee shall be responded within 3 (three) working days after receipt.

7.3. Promoter has the right to:
7.3.1. require the Purchaser to follow the rules of the Offer;
7.3.2. recognize the actions of the Purchaser/Attendee to accept the Offer failed, make a Cancellation and/or prevent participation mentioned individuals from attending the Event in the case of discrepancy of the Purchaser/Attendee Qualification mentioned before Purchasing, at the moment of the Event or provision of Sponsorship Package’s services or in situation of providing the false/incomplete or misleading information;
7.3.3. change the terms and conditions of the Offer unilaterally;
7.3.4. change the Event’s Program with mandatory notification of the Purchaser and Attendee by posting the updated version at the Offer Website and sending using contact details imputed in the Dashboard and during Booking;
7.3.5. mention in the Offer the Promoter’s right to change the purchasing price of a Ticket/Sponsorship Package to Face value of the ticket and/or Sponsorship Package at the sole discretion, that circumstances must be indicated in the Event’s information on the Website and at the Offer;
7.3.6. independently determine the order and paid-up methods of the Face value of the purchasing ticket.

7.4. The Promoter shall:
7.4.1. provide the Purchaser with complete and sufficient information in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation on the Event (Events), about the Promoter and its services. The Parties have established that the information posted on the Website and at the Promoters’ Offer is complete and sufficient;
7.4.2. issue the Ticket/Sponsorship Package to the Purchaser after full payment the Face value of the ticket.

7.5. The Parties have rights and responsibilities in accordance with the Russian legislation.
7.6. The Promoter are not responsible for the functioning and/or security of the communication channels used by the Purchaser to access the Website.

8.1. In accordance with the requirements of the legislation about Personal Data (further - the Law) the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that undertakes the actions described in Section 4 of the Offer hereof shall mean his complete and informed consent to disclose his private information (personal data) to the Promoter, and also personal data of third parties that is notified to the Promoter  in the course of Booking, Purchasing of a Ticket and/or Sponsorship Package, namely: surname, first name, middle name, sex, mobile number, city, date of birth (and age) and email.
8.2. Personal data processing is done in strict compliance with the requirements of the Law and includes: collection, recording, systematizing, accumulation, storage, updating (modifying and changing), sorting, depersonalization, blocking, deletion and destruction of personal data. Promoter shall process the Purchaser's personal data using means of automation (automated processing).
8.3. The Purchaser acceptance of this Offer automatically means that he agrees to disclose his private information (personal data), mentioned via Booking, Purchasing the Ticket and Sponsorship Package and inputting the information on the Website as specified in paragraph 8.2. to the third parties. Such third parties use mentioned information for the purpose of the Purchaser receiving information messages and advertising in the manner and under the conditions established by this Offer. The consent is valid indefinitely, the period of storage of the personal data of the Purchaser is not limited.
8.4. Upon request of the Purchaser Promoter undertakes to provide the Purchaser with information about the transfer of personal data to third parties in accordance with this paragraph.
8.5. This consent for processing of personal data may be revoked by giving a written notice in free form to Promoter’s email:

9.1. For non-fulfilment or improper fulfillment of the present Offer the Parties shall be liable as per effective legislation of the Russian Federation and current Offer.
9.2. In situation of Purchaser’s providing the Promoter with incomplete or false information (lack of information about the last, first or middle name (if any), official capacity, company name), and when the Purchaser is not as defined in article 1.5 of the Offer, the Promoter at its sole discretion can discourage the Purchaser from participating in the Event (even if he has a Ticket). The cost of tickets is not refunded to the Purchaser and any losses and expenses incurred in connection with attending the Event (accommodation, subsistence, travel costs, etc.).

10.1. The Purchaser agrees and confirms that in no case Promoter, its workers, directors, officials, partners and other related parties, sponsors, intermediaries, representatives, partners and other people also acting on behalf of the Operator, shall be liable for any direct or indirect losses resulting from Purchasing Tickets and receiving Operator’s services, or as a result of unauthorized access to the Purchaser’s personal data, include loss of benefit, occurred through no fault of the Promoter or people mentioned in this article.
10.2 The Purchaser is liable for nonperformance and (or) improper performance of obligations of the Offer in case of and in accordance with the procedure and conditions established by this Offer and Russian legislation.
10.3 In the event of force majeure circumstances the Parties agree to the application of terms of clause of the International Chamber of Commerce (further - ICC) of 2020. The Parties agree to apply full terms of clause of ICC.
10.4. By accepting the terms of this Offer Purchaser agrees that in case of force majeure, adoption of decisions by the state authorities of the Russian Federation and local self-government bodies to make any measures to prevent the spread of influenza and coronavirus infection or introduction of special measures as part of a special military operation, other restrictions imposed by the State authorities, as a result of which prevents most opportunities to throw an Event (including but not limited to: imposing a flight ban on, self-isolation or high alert regime has been introduced, assign in the area counter-terrorist operation status, Precluding the Conduct of the Event), Promoter can hold the Event on-line (using remote technologies). The Event hosted by the means defined in this article shall be deemed to have been organized in accordance with the Offer properly.  Services are deemed to be rendered properly and in full.
If the Purchaser refuses to participate in the Event due to the on-line format of the event (mentioned above), he can refund a Ticket in compliance with the terms of article 6 of this Offer.

11.1. In case there are controversies between the Parties in connection with this Offer, the Parties shall make all reasonable efforts to eliminate them by way of negotiations. All libels shall be preceded by official claims with the application of duly certified documents substantiating the stated requirements. All claims shall be responded within 10 (ten) working days after receipt. 
11.2. The disputes, contradictions and controversies which cannot be resolved by way of negotiations between the Parties, will be resolved by the Russian сourt with the procedure in accordance with the current legislation of Russia.

12.1. The present Offer shall take effect from the date of its publication on the Website: and shall be valid for an indefinite period.
12.2. The offer can be withdrawn by the Promoter at any time prior to its adoption.
12.3. All amendments (modifications) introduced by the Operator to this Offer take effect and become mandatory once the new version of the Offer has been posted on the Website.
12.4. All Parties relationships not regulated in the present Offer are regulated in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.