real estate summit
Hotel Caesars Palace Dubai
Dubai, date to be announced soon
estate summit
New ideas, unconventional approaches and high-tech solutions from global property development practices
Well-known real estate experts from all over the world: developers, architects, marketers, and realtors, all ready to share highly-demanded development, architectural and business solutions abroad
Acquaintance with the surging UAE market
Opportunity to become a part of the international community and make a statement
Key event for top executives of development companies
Chief executive officers
top-level managers
Construction and product directors
The international summit is held and planned annually in different countries by the Real Estate Forum Dvizhenie

Access is provided only to real estate companies CEOs.

The first summit was held in 2023 in Almaty, the second one in 2024 in Dubai
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DUBAI summit
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Summit Dvizhenie in the world’s innovation capital IS
an investment
into your and your company’s future
an investment into your
and your company’s future
Ilya Piskulin
"If you look closely at real estate business events in Russia, you can see the same speakers and even more often hear the same words coming from the stage: We’ve run out of ideas. It’s true because we’re stewing in our own juice, and all logical steps in architecture development have long been made. The industry needs new knowledge and experience, which could be drawn from global property development practices. The easiest way to do this is to meet in one of the most advanced cities in the world, Dubai.

This is the venue where we will bring together the best architects, developers, and building material manufacturers from different markets to share new construction approaches with developers from the CIS."
We want to be a part of the global community, and we believe that Russian development is one of the most progressive and fast-growing in the world. No other country has so many IT real estate projects and such considerable expertise in sales and marketing.

Russia has a top-notch real estate legal framework which is supported by a public-private dialogue.
We wish not only to listen but also to share our experience with the global community.
A lot To tell
We have
We want to be a part of the global community, and we believe that Russian development is one of the most progressive and fast-growing in the world. No other country has such a large number of IT real estate projects and such deep expertise in sales and marketing.

Legislative control in the real estate sector in Russia could be described as top-level control supported by an ongoing dialogue between business and government.

We wish not only to listen but also to share our experience with the global community.
A lot to offer
В России законодательное регулирование в сфере недвижимости находится на высочайшем уровне и поддерживается постоянным диалогом бизнеса и власти.

У нас есть не только желание слушать, но и делиться своим опытом с мировым сообществом.
Мы хотим быть частью мирового сообщества и считаем, что российский девелопмент — один из самых прогрессивных и быстрорастущих в мире. Ни в одной другой стране нет такого количества IT-проектов на рынке недвижимости и такой глубокой экспертизы в области продаж и маркетинга.
Dvizhenie is a series of business and educational events as well as a developers journal. Every year, the company gathers thousands of real estate top-managers at the Real Estate Forum Dvizhenie in Sochi, the construction technologies exhibition Dvizhenie EXPO, urban tours, and international summits.
Speakers 2024 - the best industry experts from all over the world
  • Jan Clostermann
    founder of CLOU architects, China
  • Lin Li
    executive Director of CLOU architects, Сhina
  • Yatin Pandya
    architect, founder of Footprints E.A.R.T.H., India
  • Maria Maksimova
    head of Business Strategy at Qetaifan Projects, MSc, MRICS, Qatar
  • Alexander Sharapov
    president of Becar Asset Management, UAE
  • Kirill Degtyarev
    co-founder and CEO of Emerald City Properties, UAE
  • Walid Lotfy
    Design & Development Senior Advisor, Federal Engineering Consultants & Project Management, UAE
  • Vadim Buchkalov
    Serial entrepreneur, Thailand
  • Michael Gushchin
    CEO of One Development, Latvia
  • Evgeniy Ratskevich
    СEO of Metropolitan Capital Real Estate
  • Aleksandr Kiriyatskih
    Executive Partner at Segrex Development, UAE
  • Tatiana Tony
    CEO of Object 1, UAE
  • Oleg Torbosov
    CEO of WhiteWill, UAE
  • Alexandra Chechetkina
    Architect, professor at AA School of Architecture, founder of design studio Daily Spaces, England
  • Ena-Kameliya Melikova
    Chief Sales Officer at Sea Breeze, Azerbaijan
  • Boris Pryadkin
    Chief Commercial Officer at PARQ Development, Indonesia
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